Introducing the Osprey Retro Plastic 1970's Penny Style Skateboard Cruiser in Blue!

Everything was brighter, flashier and cooler in the 1970's. It was the decade of rock star excess, bell bottom trousers and socially acceptable face fuzz! It was also the decade that skateboarding swelled in popularity, thanks in part to California's Z-boys.

The Osprey 1970's Retro Plastic Skateboard pays homage to the roots of modern skateboarding. The stylish board has a semi-translucent, single kick deckso that signature tricks and stunt favourites can be executed. The skateboard features tough aluminium bases and trucks attached to high-quality PU cast wheels.

The quality skateboard's wheels are emblazoned with a cool and understated Osprey design. The retro plastic skateboard's wheels are fitted with ABEC-5 carbon bearings for a slicker, quicker ride.

The Osprey 1970's Retro is perfect for anyone seeking a stylish retro skateboard that performs like a modern dream!

Technical Information:

  • Blue board with transparent wheels
  • Size: 22x6in / 57x15cm
  • 8cm aluminium trucks and bases (tetragonum style)
  • 60mm x 45mm PU cast wheels
  • ABEC-5 carbon bearings
  • Shrink wrapped

Also available in red!